Everything Starts with Planting the First Seed
Every child is a seed. With love and substantive support, every seed can grow into a unique, self-confident self.

It was on this principle that Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation was founded in 1990. At the time, the Taiwanese stock market had just cracked 10,000 points for the first time, and social values had gone astray amid the near-universal pursuit of ever more wealth. Meanwhile, we were striving to be the best gardeners we could in a garden overlooked by most, nurturing those seeds and guiding adolescents in discovering their own potential and increasing their competitiveness. Now as much as ever, we hope to fulfill our mission of helping Taiwan keep step with the rest of the world by lending a hand with things that schools can't or don't have the time to teach.

Our foundation has devoted itself to youth empowerment, parenting, and financial literacy education. Together with Fubon Financial, we promote the power of positivity and collaborate with social enterprises in order to create a more sustainable environment.

From programs like YoungVoice.tw to our Rolling Film School, we strive to provide an education in media appreciation, access, and creation that will strengthen adolescents' sense of self, cultivate independent and critical thinking skills, nurture an appreciation for the arts, and expand horizons for all. By working closely with adolescents, we've helped them find the courage to explore their own possibilities, face the issues around them, develop their own perspectives on the world, make themselves heard on issues near and dear to their hearts, and become experts on themselves, such that they can advocate for themselves rather than needing adults to speak on their behalf. We also provide services for indigenous children, offering cultural classes created in cooperation with indigenous artists in an effort to strengthen cultural identity and pass on indigenous culture. Through tutoring and the help of travel volunteers, we educate parents about the the importance of spending time with their children and strengthen schoolchildren's learning abilities.

Our Budding Tycoon Outreach Program continues to work with elementary schools all over Taiwan to teach financial literacy and help students make it part of their own lives. Our teacher seminars as well as our exclusive handbook and teaching materials have had a major impact on financial literacy education, underscoring to students that knowing how to manage money is a crucial life skill. By learning to do it, they also become better able to help others and ultimately to improve society as a whole.

With the media landscape changing faster than ever, youth now access media in an ever-broadening variety of ways and formats. Our foundation has devoted itself to children's and youth rights as well as media literacy education for many years. The approaches are many, but the goal is the same: to give schoolchildren enough diverse viewing experiences to pique their interest, thus cultivating varied viewing interests and making cultural activities an established part of their lives. By doing this, we're creating a better environment for healthy cultural industries as well as helping children forge a stronger sense of self. Exposure to other cultures helps them better understand their own culture, while understanding their own culture helps them better understand their own selves.

Starting in 2019, we extended our work to include younger students with the Hand in Hand Film Education Program for elementary schools, which offers courses in reading film as well as age-appropriate pedagogical methods and materials in order to enable elementary schoolers to share their appreciation of film. We've also created momo mini Kids' Theater to bring together hard-to-find film and TV for children, spanning a wide variety of formats and a dizzying array of topics. To bring these resources to a wider audience, we offer access via both an online streaming service and a TV channel, and we also work with cinemas all over Taiwan to hold screenings every month—some in theaters and some outdoors.

Furthermore, because programming for children in Taiwan often lacks variety, we've established Fubon momo mini Incubator in order to spur the creation of more film and TV that meets the needs of Taiwanese children.
Our Works

Financial Education

Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation has been hosting “Future Tycoon Seminars” since 2012 in collaboration with Taipei Fubon Bank. The program goes to both urban and rural elementary schools armed with interesting and engaging courses and animations created in houses such as “Student Financial Management Comics” to promote financial literacy.

Cultural Empowerment

Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation is dedicated to preserving cultural assets and managing a high-quality media platform. The “Film Collectors Museum” co-founded by the foundation spreads film preservation concepts through activity guides, film screening presentations, and restoration workshops while continuing to rescue collective memories and important historical images and films. The Solo Dancer, which won a Golden Bell Award in 2021 for best director of a non-drama program, included precious images restored by the museum. Meanwhile, the foundation’s popular “Let’s Talk About Media” radio show, whose host was nominated for a 2021 Golden Bell Award for best general variety show host, and “Staying Young” radio show, encourage communication between parents and their children.

Children and Youth Empowerment

The Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation’s “Young Voice” platform for children and teenagers strengthens their literacy skills and helps them become independent thinkers and active citizens. In 2021, its initiatives echoed the tilt toward competency development in the 2019 national curriculum guidelines. It developed an online database and produced 17 animated teaching videos while continuing to organize workshops on human rights and marine issues. Several other initiatives have been set up with different institutions to deepen film education throughout Taiwan. They included film classes organized in cooperation with correctional institutions, the Film Research Center set up with National Central University, the “Creation Freedom” education platform set up with National Chengchi University’s College of Communication, the “momo mini Kids Theater” established with several social educational groups, and the National Rolling Film School run in cooperation with select high schools and film festivals. Meanwhile, the foundation’s “Storytelling Club” created an understanding and inclusive atmosphere in which youngsters are willing to tell their life stories, which are then used to produce high-quality documentaries on children. Another talent incubation program arranged in collaboration with the Taiwan Creative Content Agency and the film industry cultivates young program production talent and elevates the standard of their productions.