2020 the 7th "Arts Education Contribution Award" by the Ministry of Education – A Tribute to Dedicated Practitioners of Arts Education
The text is excerpted from Ministry of Education 【教育部】109年第7屆「教育部藝術教育貢獻獎」 向深耕藝術教育的實踐者致意
The original content:
The Ministry of Education establishes the Arts Education Contribution Award to show appreciation and recognition for outstanding art educators. Five major categories of the award include "Lifetime Achievement," "Outstanding Organization," "Outstanding School," "Outstanding Teachers," and "Dedication to Education." In addition to schools, private institutions are also devoting resources to arts education. The Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation, Cup Theater, and Xue Xue Foundation were awarded the Outstanding Organization Awards this year. The Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation has devoted over a decade to youth education, leveraging new media methodologies and toolkits. The foundation adopted a diverse and lively approach to enable schools to co-construct innovative and effective programs with the community and society, aiming to form an uninterrupted learning experience. The foundation also extended education programs and resources to schools in rural areas with fruitful results.