The Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation Aesthetic Crossover – Cultural Experience–Community Film Viewing
The text is excerpted from Taiwan News 【台灣英文新聞】富邦文教基金會 美感跨域•文化體驗•社區觀影體驗
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Taipei Municipal Ren-Ai Elementary School, the Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation, and Nanshan Theater worked together to launch a community movie program for children aged 6 to 12. The program used the Nanshan movie theater as a base and linked neighboring schools to develop a movie curriculum, which led children into the movie theater to experience the magic of movies and broaden their horizons through the program.

Since 2014, the Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation has been aiming to cultivate the youth’s independent thinking by launching the “National Rolling Film School,” a youth film education program that travels throughout Taiwan to introduce unique and diverse films to the youth. In the past, the public did not give film education much attention in Taiwan. It was mostly the sporadic efforts of individual teachers and offices. As a result, the experience observed in youth film education showed a lack of diversity in the youth’s viewing experiences. Therefore, since 2018, the Fubon Cultural and Education Foundation has extended the age of curriculum attendants to younger children. By doing so, the foundation aims to provide diverse and vigorous movie-viewing experiences for primary school students and allow them to experience the power of film in a favorable cinematic environment. Moreover, through diverse film content, children and youth, especially the disadvantaged, will be exposed to cultures worldwide. By igniting their interest in different kinds of images and storytelling, the goal is to enable children and youth to reflect on and organize their own experiences and perspectives. Ultimately, they can be empowered to further appreciate and participate in cultural activities.

After the screening, a press conference was held on “Aesthetic Crossover – Cultural Experience –Community Film Viewing.” Honorable guests attended the press conference, including Mr. Yang Liu-chun, Principal of Taipei Municipal Ren-Ai Elementary School, Ms. Pin Leng, Director General of Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation, Ms. Chen De-ling, Deputy Director of Taiwan Film and Audiovisual Institute, and Ms. Tian Zhi-ling, full-time counselor of the Compulsory Education Advisory Group of Taipei City Government’s Department of Education. Ms. Pin Leng, Director General of Fubon Cultural & Educational Foundation, commented that the public-private collaboration would be a crucial step for Taiwan. It marks the starting point of connecting communities and campuses and providing integrated educational and cultural experiences. She aimed to promote this experience across Taiwan and advocate the concept and program to the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture.